Sinneswandel Events from the capital of Switzerland has taken now since 1997 with heart and soul an important part for the development of the electronic scene in Berne. A colored mix of heavyweights and newcomers of the electronic community paired with extravagant and elaborate decorations and for shure their love for music left the crowd lose her hearts and let them dream for many nights!


Sinneswandel artists read like a menu Surprise, a blend of fine spices and finely selected enclosures. There are many years of experience on the international stage, paired with sophisticated technology genius and organization-artists. Here you can find a mix of labelheads from labels such as Sender Rec., Inzec Rec. or Wondermachine with promoters, producers, DJ's and live acts, who are known and recognized european-, yes some of them even worldwide.


Kapitel Bern, Dampfzentrale Bern, Das Zimmer Bern, Turnhalle, Rondel Bern, Gaskessel Bern, ISC Bern, Via Felsenau Bern, Reithalle Berne, Dachstock Bern, Streetparade, Silberbar Zürich and many more



alex like, agnès, andaloop, andrés marcos, antonelli elect. (italic rec.), basteroid (areal), baby ford, benfay, benno blome (sender), berk offset, bird, breandan davey (corner records),  cosili, dash and dry (rampe d), david keno (keno rec.), deetron, digitaline, dubtaylor, dj dub, dj rush, eric volta, falco brocksieper (sub static), franco cinelli, girl, jacqui, jake fairley,  jennifer, john tejada, leavy morell (synchronicity music), luciano (cadenza), lukas kleesattel, kasper, manon, mark henning, marco repetto (inzec records), marosh kopp, martinez, masaya, mastra, MIA (berlin/sub static), michael maier (kompakt), mike machine, mrz, nader, nik nasty, pantyteck live, racker, ralf h. christoph (studio672), reinhard voigt, sampayo, shaka (corner records), sunny progress, sascha funke, storlon, strobocop (karaoke kalk), superpitcher, the modernist (popular org.), tilman (klamauk), tobias tomas (kompakt köln), traumschmiere (shitkatapult), vincent lemieux, wandler, woody, zip (perlon) and many more..


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